4 evidence you have clogged pipes

4 evidence you have clogged pipes

Problems with clogged pipes are likely to arise, especially if you do not take care to maintain your sewer at regular intervals. Fortunately, cleaning and rinsing sewer pipes can be done immediately and easily, especially with the help of a qualified professional Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου.

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How do you know if you need to flush out sewer pipes?

1. There is an unpleasant odour in the room

From the sewer pipes comes an unpleasant odour, which reaches the bathroom, or the kitchen of the house. Following the hearth of the problem, you find that the smell comes out of the siphons.

2. The sink is slow to empty

This is a classic sign that sewer pipes are clogged. If the bathroom or kitchen sink is not easily emptied, then you need to drain the drain pipes.

3. Noises are heard from bubbles in the sink drain

If the sink, or bathtub, drains the water, but bubbles are heard, the sewer pipes are probably starting to clog.

4. Water comes out of the floor siphon

You notice that the floor siphon has difficulty absorbing and discharging water when the washing machine is running, or the bathtub is empty. This is a sign that the pipes are clogged and need to be blocked.

How are sewer pipes blocked?

There are home and professional solutions for cleaning sewer pipes. Of course, home-made solutions have questionable results, while getting professional help for pipe disassembly offers a guaranteed solution.

Here are some basic methods used:

Drainage of sewer pipes with soda and vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar are natural ingredients found in every home. Cleaning sewer pipes is very easy with this method, if the problem is not very serious.

Hot water pipe disassembly

The hot water helps to melt the fat in the pipes. So, it is a tool that helps to block the sewer pipes. However, this natural method will only work if there are no other objects causing the clogged pipes.

Disassembly of pipes with suction cup

This is a classic solution to the problem of clogged pipes. The suction cup is quite effective in blocking pipes and siphons. However, the result does not last long, as you need to block often to make it work.

Drainage drain with obstructive liquids

There are a lot of blocking liquids on the market. These do not block naturally, but they are quite effective. However, they must be used with great care and according to the instructions, because their fumes are dangerous to humans.

Professional sewer blockage

Professional plumbing is also the surest way to success. Experienced unblocking crews use modern equipment to quickly flush out drains and provide radical solutions to the problem.

How to clean sewer pipes?

Cleaning sewer pipes with home-made solutions:

A good idea to clean sewer pipes frequently and not block them easily is to pour large amounts of hot water at regular intervals. The water does not need to be hot, it is better not to burn, so as not to adversely affect the material of the pipes.

You can also use baking soda and vinegar to clean pipes. This solution must be followed carefully, if the pipes are too old, or of dubious quality, so as not to corrode. Frequent cleaning with vinegar can have negative consequences for your sewer.

Hydraulic drainage pipe cleaning:

Professional blockage service αποφρακτική Αντωνίου can clean sewer pipes quickly and easily. A very popular method, which achieves radical cleaning of sewer pipes, is water jetting.

In this method, a special machine is used, with which large quantities of water are channelled into the sewer, with great pressure. This removes debris and debris from the pipes and, in effect, makes it quite easy to dismantle sewer pipes.

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