Crafts Kids and Teens Can Do for Mom

Crafts Kids and Teens Can Do for Mom

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As a mom, there’s nothing I love more than gifts my kids make with their own precious hands–hands I held when they were just tiny and wrinkly.  Handmade Mother’s Day crafts never get old.  They’re the best because they come straight from the heart.  Here are the 22 sweetest Mother’s Day crafts kids and teens can do to make mom’s and grandma’s heart melt.

The 22 Sweetest Mother’s Day Crafts Kids and Teens Can do

1.Photo vase full of pretty flowers.  Learn how to make it here.

Mother's day crafts 1

2. Pose a picture like this, with cutout heart taped to the wall and son or daughter blowing mom and grandma a special kiss.

Mother's Day crafts 2

3. What a great classroom project!  Make magnets for mom that she can post their artwork on the fridge with.

Mother's Day crafts 3

4. What mom’s heart wouldn’t melt eating from a plate like this.  Makes me smile just looking at them!

Mother's Day crafts 4

5. Here’s a gorgeous one teens and older kids can do: handmade clay pendant necklaces.

Mother's Day crafts 5

6. Handprint crafts are the best because we know how fast those hands grow!  These handprint flower tote bags make a great Mother’s Day craft and gift.

Mother's Day crafts 6

7. Another sweet handprint craft: custom aprons for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day crafts 7

8. This clever Mother’s Day craft is pretty darn cute.  “I love you to the moon and back”

Mother's Day crafts 8

9. So easy and fun!  For the mom or grandma who loves to read…photo bookmarks.

Mother's Day crafts 9

10. My kids totally have me in the palm of their hands…especially with this hand shaped ring dish…the sweetest little Mother’s Day craft!

Mother's day crafts 10

11. Stop it.  Little butterfly feet flower pot…the sweetest!

Mother's day crafts 11

12. You can totally do this.  DIY edible arrangement for Mother’s Day.  Yes, please!

Mother's day crafts 12

13.  “I wished for you…” canvas.

This would literally melt my heart if my child brought this home.  My heart would be a puddle on the floor.

Mother's Day crafts 13

14. Happy Mother’s Day craft card

Mother's Day crafts 14

15. Haha!  The sweetest thing in the world is being able to see yourself as your child sees you.  I would absolutely, hands down love this gift more than anything bought in a store.

Mother's Day crafts 15

16. Another great craft for older children…and so cheap too!  Learn how to make a decorative mirror or frame out of egg cartons.  I would never have guessed those were egg cartons!

Mother's Day crafts 16

17. Make your mom some DIY dreamy bath bombs.  And then let her take an hour-long bath all to herself!Mother's Day crafts 17

18. What a cool Mother’s Day craft!  Etch mom’s name into a cutting board, or add your own unique phrase or design.

Mother's Day crafts 18

19. Trendy moms deserve a trendy gift.  Teens can make mom a DIY beaded tassel necklace she’ll wear everywhere!

Mother's Day crafts 19

20. If you have a mom or grandma who loves the farmer’s market, make her a fringe market tote bag out of an old t-shirt.  It’s free!


Mother's Day crafts 20

21.  Speaking of old t-shirts, turn this one into an easy Mother’s Day craft gift: designer-inspired DIY t-shirt scarf.

Crafts Kids and Teens Can Do for Mom

22. Oh, a kid-made book!  About me?  I love, love, love this idea!  Mom and me Mother’s Day book.

Mother's Day craft

Mother’s Day Crafts Kids and Teens Can Do

I’m a real mom with real kids and real gifts like these…ones that come straight from their hearts and hands…are the best in the world.  Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas, and thanks to all you teachers, helpers, and fathers that make Mother’s Day crafts like these come to life!


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