Here's Where to Buy Timothée Chalamet’s Wild Juicy Couture Hoodie

Here’s Where to Buy Timothée Chalamet’s Wild Juicy Couture Hoodie

Boy oh BOY, did we ever spoil all of you yesterday with our November address story. A lush 8,000(!)-phrase profile of one Timothée Hal Chalamet—riddled with intimate offers from Greta Gerwig about her “friend Timmy,” stories about Joel Coen telling tales about Bob Dylan, and deep insights into that Capri yacht kiss—published alongside a collection of significantly searing, luxurious pictures of our héro moist-haired and designer-clad deep in the wilderness of upstate New York. Hidden between those pictures was a moment detail that several of you were being fast to observe, obsess over, and accurately FREAK OUT about on the Net for the remainder of the working day. Particularly, this vogue credit history printed just beneath the first graphic:

His possess hoodie, by Juicy Couture

That’s suitable: Timothée Chalamet ordered a pastel pink velour hoodie from Juicy Couture of his possess accord, and then pulled it off in the webpages of GQ—with Hermès cords and a Cartier ring, no less—at the very first accessible option. And damn, did he at any time make it look excellent. So excellent that E! in all probability just eco-friendly-lit a new season of The Basic Daily life. So great that a entire new subset of Tumblr possible exists now in its honor. So very good, in simple fact, that you may well now be considering, Is that a shift I ought to consider to duplicate? To which we say: Totally! As very long as you, as well, are a supremely lithe and lovely 24-12 months-outdated Oscar nominee with the verdant mane of a Botticelli angel and the bone structure of a Frank Gehry concert hall.

His own hoodie, by Juicy Couture / Tank leading, $42 (for pack of three), by Calvin Klein Underwear / Trousers, $850, by Hermès

If you occur to suit that bill, well, congratulations. And next, very good luck seeking to truly get your hands on a Juicy Couture hoodie at this level. Due to the fact the label’s mid-aughts growth amid the tabloid crowd—the uniform du jour for the Hilary Duffs and Lindsay Lohans of the world—it’s fallen on difficult instances. The manufacturer shuttered all of its U.S. retailers in 2015, and as of currently, its internet site is made up of a bare bones mailing record indication-up giving an very obscure first-possibility to “shop all new Juicy,” with no clues as to when that could possibly truly come about. At this position, if you are seriously fully commited to swagger-jacking our guy Timothée, your ideal bet is to examine eBay, exactly where a handful of Juicy velour zip-ups are out there in the $15 to $20 selection. Or, if you hurry, there is at present a single manufacturer-new XL hoodie however obtainable on Amazon proper now for $55, complete with an oh-so-2005 metallic gold graphic print on the rear.

Will copping a person of these plush, dainty sweatshirts get you any nearer to exuding Timmy’s effervescent and ephemeral aura? Not even a very little! If you talk to us, your time and resources would be substantially improved expended on a membership to GQ, so you can examine that cover tale of ours above once more (in print!) for the 19th time as a substitute.

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