How Sean Connery Turned a Regular Rolex Into “The Bond”

How Sean Connery Turned a Regular Rolex Into “The Bond”

For quite a few, the long lasting picture of Sean Connery will be their 1st: the digital camera little by little scanning in excess of him in a casino in Dr. No. “Bond,” he claims, introducing himself to all of us. “James Bond.” Or possibly the long lasting image is the moment in Goldfinger when Bond first asks for his martini “shaken, not stirred.” If you’re a view enthusiast, however, the definitive Connery-as-Bond picture arrives following he vegetation barrels of explosives in Goldfinger’s opening scene, wearing a white tuxedo and flicking on his lighter to look at the time. The flame lights up the view that was on Connery’s wrist in the course of all 4 of the Bond films he starred in: the Rolex Submariner 6538 “Big Crown.” The 6358 was the Submariner that accompanied Connery on the initially four of his Bond movies—whatever your first memory of Connery, this is the timepiece to go with it.

For generations of adult men, Connery’s Bond, described what it intended for a person to be manly. Guys wished to gown like him, generate like him, fight like him, and, uh, shag like him, also. So when Connery sparked his lighter and lingered around his Submariner, it cemented the enjoy as an icon in the eyes of thousands and thousands. “The spotlight proven on the Submariner on Bond’s wrist was massively critical in shaping people’s tastes close to the globe,” claims Paul Boutros, who has auctioned off Bond-worn Rolex items as head of Phillips Watches, Americas.

Sean Connery in Dr. No, 1962.

Everett Selection

But as beloved as the Submariner is now, it sorely required this strengthen from Connery to turn into the icon it is currently. In Ian Fleming’s unique Bond textbooks, the international guy of secret is explained as sporting a “heavy Rolex Oyster.” This would have been a organic in shape for Bond: tasteful and stylish if a little bit nameless, just like the tuxedos and fits Bond wears. The Submariner, however, is some thing else: a distinct diver observe with all the markings of that style—a numbered bezel and extra fat indices for hour markers, all supposed to be quickly legible underwater. The individual design Connery wears, the “Big Crown,” will get its identify from the enlarged winding knob on the right facet of the piece. (It’s also notable for its absence of crown guards—the sloping bits that generally seem up coming to the winder.) The design is now so carefully associated with 007 it’s recognized as the “James Bond Submariner.”

The influence of Bond putting on the Submariner was felt on a quantity of ranges. Probably most importantly, it showed the Submariner worn in a wholly new way. In 1962, when Dr. No was produced, the Sub was mostly a diver look at worn by genuine divers. “Sales of sporting activities watches these kinds of as the Submariner were being somewhat weak in comparison with the Datejust during this period, as the model was only first released in 1954,” claims Boutros. “The relative rarity of these models from the early years is evidence of this.” But Connery’s Bond employed the Submariner substantially in the very same way modern collectors do decades on: he wore it in his swim trunks on a boat , but also in a tuxedo although chatting up Honey Ryder at a soirée. And as collectors have folded so-named “professional” watches into day to day life, it’s likely no coincidence that the Bond co-star Submariner turned possibly the most popular and recognizable mechanical timepiece in the planet. In its obituary for Connery about the weekend, check out website Hodinkee wrote that the Bond star “will without end be remembered as the guy who sold a million Submariners.”

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