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Security doors: 6 tips for the right choice

Security doors: 6 tips for the right choice

Now, with crime soaring, security doors- πόρτες ασφαλείας are a one-way street. In the market, there are many designs, of different styles and qualities, so that it is possible for everyone to feel the security that a security door offers.

The question, of course, is how to choose the right security door. Let’s see below what you need to pay attention to both in terms of construction and aesthetics.

1. Steel or aluminum

The door material is probably the first thing to consider when shopping. There is no doubt that steel is stronger than aluminum. On the other hand, it does not always match the aesthetics of all homes nor is it resistant to corrosion in advance.

Also, aluminum is lighter. If you are going to choose an aluminum door, then in order to be considered a security door, it must have a stainless steel mesh.

2. Corrosion resistance

Aluminum as a material is resistant to corrosion, but the same does not apply to steel, which must be specially treated to be protected against moisture corrosion.

In any case, it is a key feature of the door to have an extra coating for corrosion, so that it can withstand the passage of years.

3. Security locks

The security locks- κλειδαριές ασφαλείας on the armored doors must be of the cylinder type and not be located on the surface of the door. This means that the lock is inside the door frame so that it cannot be broken.

On doors with safe-type locks, the lock is placed in a special box inside the door frame, so that it is impossible to break.

4. Hinges

When we talk about a door that weighs over 30 kg, it becomes clear that its hinges must be very durable. To do this, the hinges must be welded to the mounting frame that is screwed to the wall.

Lighter aluminum doors have a specially designed hinge with a pin that has a pin, which locks in the door frame.

5. Color and design

This is a purely aesthetic criterion, but it is equally important. The color and upholstery of the door can make the difference and upgrade the exterior of your home. The main investments are laminate, inox, MDF and wood.

As for the designs, there are doors with or without glass, with geometric and free designs, embossed details, and in a wide range of colors. The most classic colors are brown and black, but you can originalize with two colors or separate colors, such as blue, green, or tile. For specialized designs on security doors, you can contact us.

6. Warranty

A written guarantee of at least one year is required when purchasing a security door. The guarantee covers both the safety and efficiency of the installation and the quality of the door construction.

At Alfino Door you will find a wide variety of security doors for all tastes, made to the strictest security standards for the perfect combination of high aesthetics and maximum security.

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