The Wildest and Most Covetable Kicks from Paris Fashion Week

The Wildest and Most Covetable Kicks from Paris Fashion Week

In the latest many years, Euro manner weeks have felt as significantly of a showcase for amazing sneakers as for outfits, specifically when it will come to menswear. Each designer seems to be in a quest to outdo the other, and the 1-upmanship has rendered hits and misses in equal evaluate. One could argue that it was the Balenciaga Triple S that kick-started out this insanity, and that was all the way back in 2017. How has the State of Sneakers adjusted due to the fact then? Perfectly, if Paris Vogue Week is any indicator, some points have altered, some others have stayed the same. And most of it is searching wildly attractive.

One particular of the most head-turning variations arrived through designer Jonathan Anderson in the type of a blinged-out black mule. The backless leather loafer characteristics two interlocked gold chains in a dimensions that can only be explained as comically substantial. (Count on to see your favorite Soundcloud rapper in a pair of these ASAP.) And even though the main aim at Raf Simons’ clearly show may perhaps have been the showy and graphic-driven hand muffs, I located my eyes gravitating in the direction of the smooth and vaguely sci-fi boots all the products wore. Absent any laces, the Chelsea-like boots stood tall and rigid, glossy as a freshly waxed flooring, with shiny silver zippers at the heel and front. Simons committed to the silhouette as the boots ended up proven in vibrant cherry purple, pristine white, pale turquoise, and midnight black.

Raf’s Chelsea boots on the move.

Kristy Sparow

Somewhere else, Rick Owens despatched Zoolander-esque boots down his runway, with heels high plenty of to make a Cuban heel experience tame.

Rick Owens, king of monumental footwear.

Peter White

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