Timothée Chalamet Is Perfectly Attired for Social Distancing

Timothée Chalamet Is Perfectly Attired for Social Distancing

Timothee Chalamet is both equally a fashion icon for our age—defying all stereotypes, soaring above cliches like a freaking manner eagle—and a soothsayer for the moment, with just the suitable outfit to knock us slightly off our rockers. Like, try to remember when he went suiting informal, but brooch formal, to the Oscars? Or when he wore Sterling Ruby’s paint-spattered S.R. Studio LA. CA overalls to advertise a film? These are the sorts of outfits that go persons younger and outdated to tears. I am individually taping pics of these suits to my windows—images struggling with out, to continue to keep my neighbors motivated in these seeking times.

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So in this time of isolation, of keeping at residence, of course Chalamet has emerged once extra as the directional dresser of the second. On Monday, he strolled via Notting Hill in a great Social Isolation Constitutional Healthy. Notting Hill is the London community where Julia Roberts after gave Hugh Grant a big Marc Chagall painting though wearing a Prada-inspired sweater set and flip-flops in a movie of the exact same identify, so you know it is a position in which heritage is designed.

And as he ambled together alone, we took in with admiration the way he assembled a baseline for all Social Isolation Constitutional Fits—SICFs, if you will—moving forward. He’s received his possess personal safety blanket: the Prada nylon hooded jacket he’s been donning all-around New York for the past several months. He’s got entrance-crease trousers on with a free, “I do what I WANT!” silhouette. And he’s obtained two of the most “I’m the boss” add-ons on the earth: New Stability sneakers, and a hat with a crest on it. This just one is from Chelsea, the soccer group, but it nevertheless conveys utter authority, that selected je ne sais 6 feet absent from moi frame of mind that this moment demands. To this delectable sundae of an outfit, he extra a maraschino cherry: headphones, which are probable piping out a particular playlist loaded with music not only about becoming by itself, but how you can stick to the rules and still split a handful of, my fraaaynd. He’s a-thinkin’ and a-wond’rin’ all the way down the street! (In other text it’s possible he’s listening to BOB DYLAN!!!) In these troubled times, that’s just the kind of fit and audio steerage we want.

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