What Is a Chunky Dunky, and Why Is It $1,600?

What Is a Chunky Dunky, and Why Is It $1,600?

So, yet another principle: the Chunky Dunky’s achievements is thanks fewer to its unique design or amount than its lineage. Nike’s last eye-poppingly popular launch was the Travis Scott Dunk that peaked at $1,522 on StockX. Scott’s shoe was also an SB Dunk intended without having restraint—the shoe openly combined plaid and bandana prints. Potentially unsurprisingly, it shot to the major of each and every sneakerhead’s wishlist. Neglect the design and style, though—what might issue most is its designation as a Dunk. For the reason that so considerably, 2020 has been the 12 months of the Dunk: beyond Scott’s and Ben & Jerry’s, to name just a several, Nike’s launched the eco-friendly-and-yellow “Brazils,” a collaboration with Comme des Garçons, and a pair of collegiate editions that borrow shades from Syracuse and Kentucky. “There’s been this large reemergence all around the SB Dunk and notably the SB Dunk Lows, and of course Travis was a major component of that,” says Luber. “If it had been reversed, if [the Chunky Dunky] came out right before [Scott’s] Dunk, then this one most likely wouldn’t be as major.” In other terms: the Dunk is staying groomed for good results, and the Chunky Dunky is the most recent and most significant beneficiary of that system.

And the Dunk’s increase is linked to a broader change in the varieties of sneakers we like. “The cause why the Dunk has often been this canvas for fantastic styles, and is these kinds of an legendary shoe, is the exact same reason the Jordan 1 is: it truly is just really, very wearable,” says Luber. He details out that later on Jordan styles, and even the Kobes that are quite popular amid professional basketball players right now, seem like athletic shoes—and basketball sneakers now comprise considerably less than 4% of athletic shoe product sales, in comparison to 13% in 2014, in accordance to NPD details. Dunks, on the other hand, have common appeal—and their attractiveness in the early aughts tends to make them ripe for a comeback. “Nike is king at buying winners by offering a tale, bringing back again a shoe like the Dunk from the graveyard, and catering to a consumer who purchases shoes dependent on pop tradition compared to athlete recognition,” points out influential sneaker reseller Corgishoe.

Nike’s SB Dunk Reduced X Ben & Jerry’s: Chunky DunkyCourtesy of Nike

I’m inclined to acknowledge that the shoe’s accomplishment could be a thriller only to me, the old gentleman screaming at Ben & Jerry’s idyllic blue skies. All those kooky colours, Corgishoe states, are very carefully calibrated to perform collectively: “Strictly in terms of layout,” Corgishoe claims, the shoe is “executed exceptionally very well.” (Even now, he notes: “As an grownup male of a sure age,” he adds, “I would in no way take into consideration putting on them.”) Luber is a supporter, as well. In today’s crowded social media-pushed sneaker period, no shoe travels as much as an promptly recognizable one.

But perhaps the attraction of the Chunky Dunky is even less complicated. I have pounded a carton or two of Phish Meals in my day—so I guess I need to understand that, when it comes Ben & Jerry’s, immoderation to the stage of hedonism is type of the complete point.

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