Yeezy Knit Runner: Behold, Kanye’s Weirdest Sneaker Yet

Yeezy Knit Runner: Behold, Kanye’s Weirdest Sneaker Yet

Kanye West is previously responsible for a single of the funkiest shoe releases of 2021. His Yeezy 450 pairs a knit upper with a toothy foam midsole, and not much else—the sole dictates what minimal condition the shoe has. But for his hottest trick, Kanye is going even floppier. The new YZY KNIT RNR (Yeezy Knit Runner) is generally completely knitted—a sweater for the foot. It could be Kanye’s strangest shoe yet—but it’s completely of a piece with his the latest interests. The initial colorway, a mustard-tan combination identified as “Sulfur,” is established to fall September 23rd.

When illustrations or photos of the shoe to start with leaked, social media consumers accused Kanye of thieving Mickey Mouse’s kicks. And, certain, the Knit RNRs definitely do resemble upscale shoe booties. But there’s a tiny much more happening listed here than fulfills the eye. Photo the shoe in foam and sliced with cutouts and you are going to see what I indicate: the Knit RNR is in essence identical to Kanye’s beloved Foam Runner—except, of class, this shoe trades out foam for the knit materials.

The shoe implies that Kanye is ever more disinterested in developing what we understand as common sneakers. Halfway by the Yeezy undertaking, Kanye pivoted away from his early experiments to far more typical sneaker silhouettes: the 3 iterations of the 700, the QNTM, and the 500, practically uninteresting when compared to the new Knit RNR. But it would seem like Kanye has been doing work towards a shoe like the Knit RNR due to the fact the quite early days of Yeezy. What is the Knit RNR if not a Yeezy 350 stretched to its most shapeless type? The laces have been stripped away, the higher puffed up, and the sole is now nothing more than a skinny line. Even laces look to be an extra he can do without. Recent sneakers like the Slide, 450, and Foam Runner are paving the way for a potential without the need of rabbit-ear lessons.

A lot more typically, shapelessness looks to be the new defining aesthetic of Kanye’s entire style and design eyesight. You know what else is blobby and lacks any type of closure? The flagship merchandise from the Yeezy x Hole collaboration, a jacket that has all the construction of a cloud. In that way, the Knit RNR is appropriate in Kanye’s existing wheelhouse.

It should really be observed that amorphous jacket was a most effective seller for Hole. Even Kanye’s much less-regular shoes like the Foam Runner and Slides have turned into surprisingly sizzling items on the resale industry. When the 350 initially arrived out, it was an oddball in the sneaker world—and now it’s a top rated-10 selling shoe. When the Knit RNR seems (incredibly) amusing now, Kanye has a observe file of modifying mass style to match his own.

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